Boreal Action is a grassroots environment and social justice group.

Save The Experimental Lakes Area Event – Nov. 27, 2012


This is a special public event in support of saving the most important freshwater research facility in the world:


* Special guest speakers Maude Barlow & David Schindler, PhD.

* Save ELA video launch and viral internet video campaign!
* Q & A session with special guest speakers.
* Reception to follow with refreshments served.


Activist and speaker extraordinaire with the Council of Canadians.

DAVID SCHINDLER – University of Alberta
World’s foremost freshwater expert and former director of The ELA.

* FREE event.Donations Welcome! Reception to follow.
* Light refreshments and appetizers will be served.
* DJ Nathan Zahn will be providing eclectic world-beat ambiance.

Presented by the Coalition to Save the ELA members:

Boreal Forest Network & Council of Canadians.

Spread the word!

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  1. Ko'ona says:

    Sunterra Peat Mine in Manitoba Sacred Site
    Peguis First Nation has advised the Manitoba government about discovery of several sacred artifacts buried at the Sunterra peat mine operation inside Peguis traditional territory and treaty land entitlement notice area. Treatment of these artifacts has been described as sacrilegious, showing little or no respect for the spirituality of Anishinaabe Peoples. First Nation lands and
    resources are not protected by the Manitoba government, and it seems nor are these sacred artifacts.

    Sunterra Horticulture is also seeking an environmental licence for a significant expansion of its operations nearby. The expanded vacuum peat mining operation would impact Peguis First Nation’s ability to exercise its rights, including for treaty entitlement land selection. The Sunterra expansion would contribute to drying out the Washow Peninsula where two other new peat mine licences were approved last week. Cottagers, environmental organizations and affected First Nations have appealed these new licences thoroughly since summer 2011.

    When the Sunterra expansion proposal was filed under Manitoba’s Environment Act hundreds of citizens filed objections.

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